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Evacuation Diagrams Sydney & Melbourne


Workplace Emergency Management will take care of the whole process of developing a clear and compliant Evacuation Diagram for you and your facility no matter if you are big, small or in between.

We will liaise with you to develop and produce a compliant Evacuation Diagram for your facility (or Diagrams for larger facilities) that clearly shows all workers and occupants the routes for evacuation in an emergency, the locations of exits, assembly areas & emergency equipment and where the viewer is located within that facility.

We will assess how many diagrams are required for your facility, as well as the most effective locations to install the diagrams so that occupants are as familiar as possible with the information on the diagrams.

Evacuation diagrams (also known as fire evacuation diagrams, Evacuation map or plans) are a requirement in all workplaces. The purpose of the evacuation diagram is to:

  • Prepare people prior to an emergency by providing a pictorial representation of the facility and its emergency information
  • Guide people to safety in an emergency
  • Identify location of emergency equipment (alarms, fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, first aid points, warden phones, hydrants, etc...)
  • Identify location of emergency and fire exits
  • Identify location of assembly areas, holding and communication points
  • Identify communication and emergency contact information
  • Identify emergency procedures
  • Provide an orientation of where you are

The development of evacuation diagrams will be in accordance with Australian Standard 3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.

Our 10 Step Process

The 10 step process will be completed in approximately 14 days for average facilities - Workplace Emergency Management will assess the job and provide an estimated time of completion. The entire process will be completed by the same Workplace Emergency Management consultant.

  1. Complete package quote and confirmation
    Workplace Emergency Management will quote a complete package and clearly identify all services - there will be no hidden extras.

  2. Plans and Investigation
    Your consultant will contact you for any plans and information you have of the facility. The consultant will perform searches to establish orientation, hazards, distances, other structures, emergency likelihood and neighbours. The consultant will also consult with the Emergency Planning Committee, research required emergency information for the evacuation diagrams and prepare a checklist/ questions for the onsite visit.

  3. Onsite visit
    Your consultant will arrange a suitable time to visit your facility and complete the following tasks:
    • Design floor or area template/templates
    • Locate, inspect and document onsite emergency equipment
    • Inspect onsite assembly area
    • Inspect means of egress and exits
    • Inspect placement of Evacuation Diagrams
    • Basic compliance and life safety assessment
    • Consult with Emergency Planning Committee

  4. Template Development
    Your consultant will develop emergency evacuation diagram/diagrams template and pass through internal checking process.

  5. First Draft
    First draft will be sent to customer for approval and if any changes are required will be made and sent back to customer. We only move from this step once the customer is happy with the diagram(s).

  6. Orientation Development
    Your consultant will develop emergency evacuation diagrams that are orientated, identify "you are here" and pass through internal checking process.

  7. Second Draft
    Completed draft evacuation diagrams will be sent to customer for approval and if any changes are required will be made and sent back to customer for final approval. We only move from this step once the customer is happy with the diagram(s).

  8. Printing
    Evacuation Diagrams will be printed after a final review from the consultant.

  9. Delivery
    Evacuation diagrams will be delivered to the facility, either by post or by the consultant.

  10. Installation
    Evacuation Diagrams are ready for installation.

Workplace Emergency Management will store a copy of the evacuation diagram in case it is required for future use (eg, reprint or changes to the facility, etc...)

It is a requirement under Australian Standard 3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, that evacuation diagrams are reviewed every five years. Workplace Emergency Management will contact you and inform you when that time is reached - in most cases diagrams will only require slight modifications and a reprint.

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