In her Operations Administration role, Melissa schedules the training and site visits for our clients and has been working with the WEM team for three and a half years.

When asked how she stays motivated during lockdown, Melissa says she has to!
“I have four children, and animals that I look after. I love my role within the company and am learning new skills and ways to help our clients through COVID-19 and Lockdown to be able to maintain their compliance with the use of technology.”

Melissa had been a hairdresser for 30 years and was looking for a career change to an Administration position.

“Emergency Management and WHS have always been an important part of my previous work life being in management roles. The role I now hold within Workplace Emergency Management utilises all my skills and passions into one position.”

“What I enjoy most is that I still get to talk to many people in a day and I am helping our clients to prepare their workplace and train their staff so they can stay safe…”

Melissa’s #1 safety advice is that preparation and staff knowledge are critical for all workplaces. Call 000 and remove yourself and others if safe to do so until Emergency Services arrive.

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