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Fire Warden Training

Fire Warden Training is also known as Warden Training. The main difference between these titles is that Wardens are trained to respond to all emergencies, including fires, whereas Fire Wardens are mainly trained in – you guessed it – fires.

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Much of the same training is undertaken by Wardens and Fire Wardens, however, well-prepared wardens should be prepared for all emergencies, not just fires.

Wardens are members of the workplace who have undergone extra training in emergency procedures that enables them to take control in an emergency situation. As members of the workplace’s Emergency Control Organisation (ECO), wardens are responsible for carrying out the Emergency Response Procedures that apply in your facility.

Emergency Control Organisation Training

This training is for all members of your facility’s ECO, not just the Warden/Fire Warden. All of our trainers at Workplace Emergency Management are experienced in real emergencies and are passionate about sharing their knowledge to help ECOs perform their duties to the highest and safest standards.

The topics included in our ECO training are:

  • Priorities in an emergency
  • Types of emergencies
  • Communicating and dealing with Emergency Services
  • Human behaviour in emergencies and evacuation
  • Problems and teamwork during emergencies
  • Wardens / Area Wardens / Floor Wardens Responsibilities
  • Chief Warden training and responsibilities
  • Assembly Area, Emergency Control Points
  • Identifying an Emergency
  • Emergency Equipment

Advanced CEO Training

This training is for those facilities that are facing specific types of emergencies not covered in our general ECO training, such as:

  • First Attack Fire Fighting
  • Bomb threat and suspicious items response
  • Dealing with problems during an emergency
  • Security breach, armed intrusion, personal threat
  • Emergency equipment, fire alarm systems, emergency warden systems
  • Natural disasters and external emergencies
  • First Aid
  • Site-specific confined space and breathing apparatus

Workplace Emergency Management provides the training and expert knowledge and advice that prepares everyone in your facility’s ECO, including the Warden/Fire Warden, to safely and effectively follow the Emergency Response Procedures during an emergency.

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